Sunday, December 17, 2006

The “tuxphone” - a DYI Open Source GSM phone

“TuxPhone is a project to develop open source (hardware and software) GSM/GPRS cellphone. Our objective is to create an open (in every sense of the word) cellphone platform that is convenient for creating novel applications. For instance, someone could take this reference design and integrate it with a small RFID reader to create a RFID enabled cellphone. Or, for that matter someone come up with a software that finds the cheapest way to make a phone call based on the available connectivity - VOIP or GSM.”

If you’re up to the challenge, I think there is enough information available now to create your very own tuxphone. You’re definately not going to save any cash, and the design is likely to look, well, a bit unpolished … but the idea of an open phone platform is an interesting one for the hobbyist, or those looking to experiment with new ideas for mobile.

Interested? Some links to check out:

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