Sunday, November 18, 2007

How can I reduce the size of my GCCE-produced binaries?

GCCE-build binaries are significantly larger binaries than produced with the GCC toolchain prior to Symbian OS v9, and the RVCT 2.2. toolchain from Symbian OS v9. This is because it uses, as recommend, a low level of compiler optimisation (-O1).

You can reduce this binary size for the GCCE target by specifying the REL_OPTIMISATION value to -O2 in the toolchain configuration files:
\epoc32\tools\compilation_config\ and


Priyank Saxena said...

This is very cool to make your application light by using settings, but I afraid, would it work on all mobiles ?????


Admin said...

last month i was also facing this problem still looking for solution

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