Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Drive Letter in S60 Phones

I know that some of the advanced users have already know the meaning of C:, D:, E: and Z: drives in S60 phones. However, I just recap it here because I have seen some questions floating around in some forum discussions.

If you are using built-in file manager from S60, it allows you to browse phone memory and memory card only. However, if you download third party file managers, such as SysExplorer or Y-Browser, it allows you to browse all drives in the file system. Look at the screenshot below.

  • C:\. This drive is also called phone memory. Basically it is a flash memory where we can install applications and store our data. Unlike memory card, it is always inside our phone. So, even if we remove the memory card, our data are still there. However, note that the size of phone memory is limited.
  • D:\. It is the drive used to store temporary files. The contents will be deleted when the device reboots. In many cases, we don’t use this drive.
  • E:\. It is the drive of your memory card. Normally, this is the place where we install applications and install our data.
  • Z:\. This is where the ROM image is stored. It contains all the operating system’s applications and data files. Since it is read-only memory, you cannot write anything. The only way to modify the contents of Z:\ drive is by flashing the phone, for example via Nokia Software Updater.

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