Saturday, November 11, 2006

Symbian OS Unit

No matter how much time you invest into your application design, and how careful you are during program code writing – mistakes are inevitable. Without automated testing it is complicated and time consuming to ensure that changes will not break the existing code.

There are tools for Java and C++ which make it possible for programmers to execute simple testing on the stage of code writing and ensure the smooth integration of new features. But what about tools for other platforms? What about Symbian and BREW.

Symbian OS Unit is a port of the popular C++ unit testing framework CxxUnit. It provides a powerful and flexible testing framework whilst requiring the minimum of developer effort to produce a library of tests. It can be used with any of the available Symbian development environments and can currently be built for the UIQ and Series 60 reference platforms.

Symbian OS Unit is open source under the GNU Lesser General Public License. See the current status on the project's Sourceforge page for more information or to download the tool. Access the source via WebCVS.

Symbian OS Unit was developed and is supported by Penrillian.

To Read more you can go to it's site.

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