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Today we will discuss about "Java Platform, Micro Edition".
As i am not in J2ME I will only provide you only an introduction to J2ME. If you have any information or article about J2me please send it to me, I will it ( with you name on it). Or put it in the comment section of this article.

* Java Platform, Micro Edition or Java ME (formerly referred to as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition or J2ME), is a collection of Java APIs for the development of software for resource constrained devices such as PDAs, cell phones and other consumer appliances.

* In 1998 Sun refocused back on mobile devices and entertainment devices that was Java's original focus when it was known as the Oak Project. In 1998 Sun released PersonalJava also abbreviated to pJava to be used on mobile and other resource constrained devices.

* PersonalJava was based on a core set of classes from JDK1.1.8 and included some new ones specifically for mobile devices. However, it was found that PersonalJava while it fit bigger mobile devices such as set boxes better; it did a poor job on other smaller devices and thus J2ME was released by Sun in 1999.

* In 2000 Sun extended PersonalJava for handsets with a JavaPhone API which found its way into several SymbianOS 6 implementations. It was to target PDAs and SmartPhones. Several of these extensions became new classes in the J2ME via the Personal Profile and the Personal Basis Profile.

* Java ME is formally a specification, although the term is frequently used to also refer to the runtime implementations of the specification.

* Java ME was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 68. The evolution of the platform has abandoned the umbrella Java Specification Request in favor of separate JSRs for the different flavors of Java ME.

* Java ME was designed by Sun Microsystems and is a replacement for a similar technology, PersonalJava. Note that Sun only provides a reference implementation and the most work targeting a non-Intel-based small device will require a vendor-supplied JVM to be available on the device.

* Java ME has become a popular option for creating games for cell phones, as they can be emulated on a PC during the development stage and easily uploaded to the phone. This contrasts with the difficulty of developing, testing, and loading games for other special gaming platforms such as those made by Nintendo, Sony, and others, as expensive system-specific hardware and kits are required.

* Sun Microsystems has tended not to provide free binary implementations of its Java ME runtime environment for mobile devices, rather relying on third parties to provide their own, in stark contrast to the numerous binary implementations it provides for the full Java platform standard on server and workstation machines.
* One of the notable omissions is for Microsoft Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) based devices, despite an open letter campaign to Sun to release a rumored complete project "Captain America" which is such an implementation.

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