Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hello Friends,
Today we will discuss about "How to install Symbian Series60 Development Platform on Windows PC".

It is a basic and 1st step in Symbian application development but I found in most of the forums that most of the guys (Don’t tell anybody even I also), when they install for the 1st time they face problems, results will be loss of interest in programming with SymbianOS.

So by this Post I will try to solve those common problems that a new programmer may face. If he follows the steps exactly as given then (may be he can) install the SDK in one go.

In this step I will describe the process to install Series 60 SDK (Not UIQ) for Visual Studio (not for Metrowerks Code warrior or new Carbide.C++. I will try to cover these in Coming Posts.)
NOTE: The Steps may not be exactly applicable to SDKs below Series 60 2.0.

Prerequisite Downloads.
1. Create a Free account at Forum Nokia.
2. Microsoft Visual Studio .net 2003.
3. Active Perl (Not Perl) v5.6.1 build 631 Only.
4. Symbian Series 60 SDK (Which Ever you require).
5. Visual Studio SymbianOS Plug in (Carbide.vs).
6. Nokia PC Suite.

Installation Steps.
Do not change the Default installation path and all must be installed in C:.
Follow Step exactly as given and don't start multiple installation at a time.

1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio .net 2003. During installation, it will ask you if you want to set system path variables. Activate this option.
2. Active Perl. Same as above, you have to let the installation program set the path variable!
3. Symbian OS, Series 60 SDK. Choose the SDK’s depending on your target platform, required compatibility and features. I don’t recommend for the 1st time you install more then one SDK.
4. Carbide.vs.
5. Nokia PC Suite.

And that is it you have installed the SDK successfully.


Coming up
* I will Post some more posts on Symbian installation Steps for other tools and SDKs.

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Sunil Kumar

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@_Duck_@ said...

Hi Sunil Kumar
i had already read your post in blog about leak memory in brew.
may i ask you something.Please tell me how can i fix memory leak if i got message like this
*AEEHeap.c:1167 - 68 - KunKunMobile #21263 \p4c\brew-dev3x-automated-build\brewery\libdev\src\Aee\AEEShell.c:2616 (L)
*OEMOS.c:683 - BPOINT Type 1, Node 0x0213EC88 myapp
*AEEHeap.c:1167 - 68 - KunKunMobile #21369 \p4c\brew-dev3x-automated-build\brewery\libdev\src\Aee\AEEShell.c:2616 (L)
*OEMOS.c:683 - BPOINT Type 1, Node 0x0213EFC0 myapp
cuz i can not find OEMOS.c line 683 i dont understand.
best regard !

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