Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello Friends,
Today we will discuss about "BREW: Cryptic Emulator Messages".

Have you seen any messages as below in your Output windows when the emulator/ simulator for brew is running.

*OEMOS.c:556 - BPOINT Type 3, Address: 0x01D98590
*OEMOS.c:539 - BPOINT Type 1, Node 0x01D94554

Do you wondered what these BPOINT means ?

BPOINT are Sort form of "BREAK POINTS" and the types of these BPOINTs really give you a lot of information as given bellow.

BPOINT Type 1 : Memory leak in the app due to user allocated memory using MALLOC "Node" is just a naming convention.

BPOINT Type 2 : Memory leak in the app due to BREW Interface memory leaks. In this case, "IFace" would have been printed out instead of "Node".

BPOINT Type 3 : Memory being double freed. Exception!

BPOINT Type 4 : Memory Corrupted. Corrupt Node

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* I will Post some more tricks about Debugging in BREW.

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