Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to sign applications for free?

Note: This is only applicable to Symbian v3 onwards.

If you are a freeware developer, you may want to be able to develop your own stuff for your device (or No IMEI restriction) for free. You don't want to buy a Publisher ID, nor would you pay for any external testing or signing.

Then here are the steps...

To make a S60 3rd Ed (Symbian OS v9) application you have to:

1. Write you application (use UID from the unprotected range, 0xe0000000 - 0xefffffff ) on Windows PC/ Linux / Mac.
2. Try to use Symbian APIs that require only user granted capabilites. [LocalServices, UserEnvironment, NetworkServices, ReadUserData, WriteUserData ]
3. Test it on Symbian EMULATOR that comes with SDK.
4. make a SIS (use makesis)
5. make your own certificate and key. (use keygen)
6. sign it (the SIS file). (use signsis)
7. transfer it to device usign PC Suit or Bluetooth.

Note: If you are using APIs that are Non-user granted capabilites, then you have to get a Publisher ID and havet opay for signing and/or testing.


CK said...

hello sir i m facing a problem in creating the sis and sisx files they get created the 1st time i build the proj n after creating them when i make changes to the proj and build them the changes do not reflect on the phone i.e the sis im installing is not getting changed after making the changes in the proj. can u pls help me sir
thank u

CK said...

i m using carbide c++ 2.0 and sdk s60 3rd fp1

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