Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Signing With Open Signed - A Tutorial...

A lot of people have been howling about the way Symbian Signed is going and criticising the change in system. As of now, nobody without a Publisher ID can create developer certificates and instead users are forced to use the new Online System. Open Signed has some positives and even more negatives although signing files capable of being signed (applications which are using unprotected UID range) is easier now and even need an account is not needed anymore. A lot of great freeware thus currently cannot be signed that way.

Bery from the SymbianWebBlog has wriiten a complete guide on how to sign files using that system. He is using “GenialSis 2.0? for the purpose. So if you are looking to sign any of these LandscapePro, RockNScroll, ShakeMe, Gnubox, FlipSilent, ShakeLock, LargeTime, Audio Cube, Autolock, Callfilter, Calsync, CuteKeys, EmTube, Themes Laucher and so on jump over for the complete how to.

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Try getting "GenialSis 2.0" from authers Site. here.

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