Thursday, June 26, 2008

Auto-start In UIQ

The auto starter in UIQ did not have any particular order

To register with the auto starter your application must write a .ast file to the auto starter's import folder [\private\10274b9f]. On start-up the auto launcher parses the .ast files and will then add new ast files to its database of applications to be started. The ast format contains only the .exe name in plain text as the following example indicates:


1. No path is needed: the file is a plain text, one-line executable name. The auto launcher will look across different drives for the executable to launch and no path need be specified; if you install to a MS then the auto launcher will launch from the MS; if the executable cannot be found it will be ignored. The ast file must be written (either by the application or via SIS) to the following import folder:- c:\private\10274b9f\import\

2. Security : The Auto starter will only start your application if it has the capability "WriteUserData".

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