Thursday, June 12, 2008

What does UIQ3 UI Configuration is consist of ?

UI of UIQ3 is very versatile and can be configured by a 4 high-level configuration parameters. Combination all these parameters are called a UI configuration.
    1. Screen Mode.
        The following resolutions are commonly used.
        a) Portrait (QVGA, 240x320 pixels)
        b) Landscape (QVGA, 320x240 pixels)
        c) Portrait Small(240x256 pixels)
        d) Landscape Small(256x240 pixels)
    2. Screen orientation.
        Indicates whether screen is used in
        a) Normal Mode.
        b) Inverted Mode. (screen roated in 180 degrees)
    3. Touch Screen.
        Indicates whether to use advanced digitizer (Touch Screen) or Not.
    4. Interaction style.
        There are 2 general interaction styles used.
        a) Pen-Style. Optimized for pen use. also know as (Point Touch method)
        b) Softkey-Style. Optimized for one-handed navigation.
UI Configurations are enumerated in "Qikon.hrh" as

#define KQikSoftkeyStylePortrait (EQikScreenModePortrait  | EQikTouchScreenNo | EQikUiStyleSoftkey | EQikOrientationNormal)

As you can see the UI Configuration can have any combination above 4 parameters. But most commonly used paramets are
    a) KQikSoftkeyStylePortrait. Generally known as "SoftKey Style"
    b) KQikPenTouchPortrait. Generally known as "Pen Style".

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