Friday, June 13, 2008

What does the Application framework takes care while launching an application ?

The Framework will do following before starting the application.
    1. Create a connection to the file server.
    2. Create a connection to the window server.
    3. Create a connection to the memory manager.
    4. Do some application registration.
    5. Make sure the application is able to handle erroe and out-of-memory situtions.
    6. Initalize other application services like font etc.
    7. create default screen elements like status bar, menu bar, soft keys etc.
    8. Start active scheduler. (or you can send event loop)


choonkeat said...

not related to this post.. but would you comment on Apple's iPhone2 take on running background process, and providing a central events service?

Sunil kumar said...

Not used till now. But the iPhone v2 running background process will fail when phone is used with out data service.

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