Monday, August 04, 2008

S60 Editions and Feature Packs

What are S60 Editions?

S60 platform release versions are named as Editions. Editions include all the main features of the release. The latest S60 release is S60 3rd Edition. S60 3rd Edition includes all the main features of the S60 2nd Edition plus some new features.

What are Feature Packs?

Feature Packs include features that are additional to Edition. Feature Packs may also include device specific features. For example, S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2 introduces WCDMA technology into S60 devices.

The talk about "Feature Packs" is a bit misleading, as they are not something that you can easily upgrade to old devices, like the way you update Service Packs on Windows PCs. Instead, S60 and its Feature Packs are tightly integrated with certain Symbian releases and your hardware, to ensure the best possible user experience. If upgrading new S60 platform versions to old devices becomes possible in the future, I promise that you will hear about it.

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