Monday, April 21, 2008

How how to get information about my Certificate [Dev Cert].

I do generate a lots of numbers of dev certs for development in office and personal use. and i am not used to generating a dev cert that have all the capabilities that it can have and all my device IMEIs. So each dev cert is different from other by following parameters.

1. Capabilities.
2. IMEIs

let us say if i forget which capabilities and IMEIs a particular Dev cert has, and i do not have time to generate new ones.


I simple found the answer .... as follows.

devertlist [/c] [/i] [/b] [/?] devcert.cer

- /c - List the capabilities associated
- /i - List the IMEI's associated with the devcert
- /b - List the output as bare, suitable for pipelining
- /? - print out the about information and command list


Ghotter said...

devertlist cmd is not found in my machine...

DarkSm0 said...

Get it here:

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