Thursday, April 03, 2008

HowTo: Backporting from 3rd to 2nd edition

1. Create new S60 project
- File | new |C++ application for S60 project (choose view based app)
- Add UID
2. Delete all unnecessary files
Keep following files:
src: xxxapp.cpp xxxdocument.cpp
inc: xxxapp.h xxxdocument.h xxx.loc xxx.hrh
data: xxx.rss xxx_caption.rss
aif: xxx.aifdef xxxaif.rss
sis: xxx.pkg
3. Import 3d edition files
src/inc: from appui
aif: icons + add them in aifdef
4. Overwrite files
5. Add libraries
6. Add include path inc/icl
7. Change include and class names in xxxdocument.cpp and xxxdocument.h
8. Change parts of code (back port)
9. Change file location (settings file, sounds, images,…)
10. Replace name of all xxx.rsg , xxx.hrh xxx.mbg files
11. Replace all UIDs
12. Replace svg images with mbm files
13. pur resource files in right places


piklu said...

if you explain it with some code snippet, then it will be very helpful to me.
Thanks to share some fantastic article with us.

megh balika said...

I love to read about your experiences! You write beautifully about this. changeparts !!! I have enjoyed reading your articles. They are very well written. It looks like you spend a large amount of time and effort in writing the blog. I am appreciating your effort.

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