Thursday, April 03, 2008

What is Data Caging in Symbian V9.x?

Data caging means that different applications are allowed to access only particular data areas. This prevents applications from accessing the private data of other applications.

The following list describes where different file types are stored on a mobile device:

1. The \sys\bin folder contains all binaries. This is the only folder from where an application can be launched.
Note: An application cannot read (or write) anything under the \sys\ folder without AllFiles (or TCB) capability.

2. The private (\private\) folder includes folders for all applications. The \ subfolders are application-specific and applications can access only their own folders. An application with AllFiles capability can access all private directories. The directory name under \private is determined by the SecureId (SID) of the application. If an SID is not specified, the UID3 provided in the mmp file is used.

3. The resource folder (\resource\apps\) is used for resource files of applications. This data can be icons, bitmaps, and other material useful for all the applications. Read access is allowed by all applications, write access only by processes with the AllFiles capability.

Note: So if you want to shared File / databse for both read and write between applications or between 2 exes of same application, then use a folder in c:\data\

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