Thursday, April 03, 2008

What are @publishedAll APIs and How to find out which is @publishedAll API or not.

These Group/set of symbian APIs can be used by a 3rd party developer to futre proof his application. That means these APIs will be changed in feature versions of the SDK. So @publishedAll APIs are binary and source compatible across OS releases

By checking the .h files for the API a developer can find out if the API is @publishedAll or not.

Other tags included in Symbian headers are.
01) @internalTechnology
02) @internalComponent
03) @internalAll
04) @publishedPartner
05) @publishedAll
06) @prototype
07) @interim (a deprecated synonym of @prototype)
08) @released
09) @deprecated
10) @removed
11) @test

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