Thursday, April 03, 2008

How To: Symbian Signing and unsigning a sis

a. During development and testing a developer or self-signed certificate is used ( sis-file is signed with Createsis wrapper tool in Carbide)
b. Before submitting to test house developer certificate is stripped using “createsis strip” : createsis strip xxx.sis xxxstripped.sis
c. For freeware the stripped sis-file can be sent to user.( to be signed by user on there own)
d. For Commerical applications the sis-file has to be signed with ACS publisher ID with “signsis” :
signsis xxxstripped.sis xxxsigned.sis xxxx.cer xxxx.key
remark: “createsis sign” should perform the same but does not seem to work
e. At each stage the signing status of the file can be checked with “VerifySymbianSigned” : verifysymbiansigned xxx.sis
verifysymbiansigned.exe You need to log in and then download.

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